Hey look, another blog

Hey, how's it goin'?
I'm Ivy.
I've been told a couple times that I need to get off the computer, but it never seems to sink in.
I also really like watching tv.

May 12

i’m so fancy, you already know

i’m in the fast lane from l.a. to tokyo

i’m so fancy, can’t you taste this gold

remember my name, ‘bout to blow

(via musicisout)

May 4


Little Mix - Little Me

Change Your Life 


Little Mix | Move (Official Single Version)

Apr 6

Diplomat’s Son - Vampire Weekend
It’s not right but it’s now or never
And if I wait, could I ever forgive myself?


Vampire Weekend - M79


Vampire Weekend- Finger Back

jesus this album is so good fsjhfdsjhngfd

Dec 1


Pump It | Black Eyed Peas

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